Suffrage Saturday: 1893 Letter with List of Registered Women Voters, Colchester, NY, Part 4

21 Oct 1893 Women Registered, Election District 1, Colchester, NY- Letter, p 4.
21 Oct 1893 Women Registered, Election District 1, Colchester, NY- Letter, p 4. (Click to enlarge- image is more legible with enlargement.)

➡ Women’s Suffrage


    Name    Address
Ex-Teacher X Miss Nettie Dibble Downsville
Mrs. Jennie Williams        “
Ex-Teacher X    “ Rachel Carpenter        “
X Miss Cora Bogart        “
X Miss Anna Bogart        “
Ex-Teacher X Mrs. Sarah Loos        “
Ex-Teacher X    “ Cora Gladstone        “
X    “ Nancy Wilson        “
   “ Adelia Fuller        “
X    “ Callista Jennings        “
X    “ Ophelia McDonald        “
X    “ Edith Hoy        “
X    “ Alice Lindsley        “
   “ Alice Bogart        “
X    “ Adelia Hubbell Colchester
X    “ Katherine Peck Downsville
Ex-Teacher X    “ Jennie Shane        “
X    “ Julia Russell         “
X    “ Elizabeth Warren Colchester
Ex-Teacher X  Miss Jennie Fuller Downsville
Teacher X    “ Inez Suttle        “


Be sure to send letter to those before

whose name I have marked an X.

Send letter to all if you have

time. I will send list for

other Dists. soon.

E. E. Conlon


This concludes the transcription of this letter.

A good friend of the blog, Lisa, kindly reviewed and enhanced my transcription (thank you!), and researched Miss Nora Terry, to whom this letter was addressed. Nora Terry, age 25, was listed in the New York State Census in the First Election District, Tompkins, Delaware County, New York on 16 Feb 1892. Her occupation was “Teacher” so that may give us some clues as to why she was the recipient of the letter, and why teachers and ex-teachers were noted on the list.

Miss Nora Terry apparently married, as a ‘Mollie Brittain’ is found in the Delaware County, NY Marriage Book 13, page 427, marrying F. Ward Aber; Robert Brittain and Nora Terry are listed as her parents.

Further research finds Robert Brittain, a physician, and his wife Nora in Colchester for the 1905 NY State Census, with their son Robert Brittain, Jr., son Knox Brittain, and daughter Mollie Brittain, age 3. By the 1910 US Federal Census, they had two more sons listed: Evans Brittain and Ned Brittain; a servant was listed in the household as well. Nora and her family are found in many other records of the area.

Unfortunately the author of the letter, E. E. Conlon, has been challenging to track down. The letter has a Downsville postmark on the address side of the envelope, and one for Hamden and another for Walton, NY on the back. Having only the initials for the name makes it difficult- we have been unable to find a person with that name in the 1892 NY State Census, or in any other records. There are many Conlons in the area, but none with the first initials “E. E.” or any names beginning with those letters.

Please do contact us on the blog if you have any additional information about this letter and the subject, or any of the women listed.


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2) See also other posts in this series.

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