The Whitener-Underwood Family


9 thoughts on “The Whitener-Underwood Family”

  1. Hello. I stumbled on to your fantastic site (by accident – but so thrilled that I did) tonight doing some research on the Mull/Mull and Weidner families. I am a great granddaughter of George Heinrich Weidner (7th) and Maria Catherine Mull/Moll. I don’t have much information on the families yet, but I have found that the Mull side immigrated in 1731. I would love to come in person to pick your brain, see what you have, and explore the cemetery. However, I’m in Arizona and that isn’t going to be possible at this time. Can you send me copies/scans of what you do have on my family?
    Thank you so much,
    Chris Lopeman

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