Sorting Saturday: Which Charles Stewart?

1820 US Federal Census taken 7 Aug 1820, Jefferson County, Indiana.

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Trying to find the parents of Rosy STEWART, who married Edward ROBERTS, has been challenging. Her marriage bond to Edward was signed by a “Charles STEWARD” (she was also listed as “Steward”) but we cannot just infer that he was her father- if her father was no longer living or not living in that area, etc., her brother, an uncle, etc. might represent her in a legal proceeding. (Being female she could not represent herself.) So researching Charles Stewart, to see if he was Rosy’s father or another relation, has been one of our avenues of research. It has been frustrating thus far. He has a common name, and there are so few available records for that time and place. And then there was their migration… so three states at least, and the time period of each migration has not yet been determined.

Right now it seems that there may have been two Charles Stewarts in Virginia, Kentucky, and Indiana that could possibly be our man of interest. Differentiating them or proving they are the same man has been challenging.

The above census was taken in 1820 in Jefferson County, Indiana, a place where Rosy lived at one point. But which Charles Stewart is this? Looking at other persons on the census page, we noticed an Isaac CHRISTIE. Isaac’s daughter Sarah CHRISTIE married William ROBERTS, son of John S. ROBERTS and Jane SAYLOR/SALYERS. So this might be the Charles Stewart who is related to our family.

We still need more evidence though…

What do you think?



Notes, Sources, and References: 

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