Treasure Chest Thursday: Clara Shrader’s Autograph Album

Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 37. (Click to enlarge.)

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Clara Lilian Shrader’s autograph album is a treasure chest of names, dates, places, and sometimes relationships. For Clara, it would have also been a treasure chest full of sweet memories and love.

Scan 37, Vertical:

Clara alles remember the 2 of Dec 1884 at Oak Crick College

Scan 37, Horizontal:

Dec 2/84

Dear Clara.

I wish you wealth

I wish you health

I wish you friends by the score

I wish you Heaven after death

What could I wish you more

Your friend and Schoolmate

Ella Ramba


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 38. (Click to enlarge.)

May love and happiness on the attend,

While I my best wishes send.

For your success in life

When you are someones patient wife.

C. Ramsey

Dec 3. 1884


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 39. (Click to enlarge.)

Dear cousin Clara

These few lines to you are tendered

By a friend sincere and true

Hoping but to be remembered

When I’m far away from you

Your Friend

Ida L. Bennett

August 18 1885


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 40. (Click to enlarge.)

Dec 25th 1884

Concordia Kan

Dear Clara

When this you see pray think of me

And bear me in your mind,

Let all the world say what it will

Speak of me as you find.

Your friend

Eliza Arkill


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 41. (Click to enlarge.)

Concordia kans


Remember me your little niece

Daisy Shrader


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 42. (Click to enlarge.)

Concordia, Kans

July 18. 1884

There are many flowers of summer

Who are kind while flowers bloom

But when winter chills the blossom

They depart with the perfume.

In the broad highway of action

Friends of worth are far and few

So when one has proved their friendship

Change them not for the new

Ever your friend

Mattie D______

Home, Miltonvale Kan

In memory & casket drop one pearl for me.


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 43. (Click to enlarge.)

Compliments of J. H. _____

Peoria Ill.


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 44. (Click to enlarge.)

Dear Cousin

Round went the autograph; hither it came

For me to write in; so here’s my name.

Eva J. Bennett

July 18th 1886


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 45. (Click to enlarge.)

Were mine the power I’d twine for the a crown of jewels rare & each gem Should Be a kingdom Each Pearl an humble Rare


Notes, Sources, and References: 

  1. Special thanks to John Roberts!


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