Wisdom Wednesday: Clara Shrader’s Autograph Album

Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 21. (Click to enlarge.)

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Some of the autographs in this book have pearls of wisdom from the 1880s, expressions of friendship and love, and/or a hope of remembrance in years to come. It is nice to think of Clara many years later, maybe sitting in a rocking chair on the front porch, as she ages, reading through her autograph album thinking of family, friends, and students who were such an important part of her life in the 1880s.

Scan 21, above:

Dec the 24

Dear friend Clara

the hoop is rounded and has not end so is my love to you my friend



Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 22. (Click to enlarge.)


Clara L Shrader


Concordia        Apr 12

To Clara

Let our love for each

Other forever endure

And all that we wish

For and hope for be sure

Truly yours



Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 23. (Click to enlarge.)


When on this page you chance to look,

Just think of me and close the book.

Leslie S.


Dear Teacher

Wishes I have many,

And good ones too;

But the sweetest and best

I give to you.

Your little Friend

Pearl Bonebrake


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 24. (Click to enlarge.)

Compliments of M. C. Wagner

Concordia, Kan.


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 25. (Click to enlarge.)


June the 6

May happiness ever be thy lot

Wherever thou may be

And joy and pleasure light the space

That may be home to thee



Sept 24 1885

Dear Clara

In this album where are written

Various thoughts from different pens

Causing you to keep in memory

Those regarded as your friend

I this token of my friendship

Leave for you to think of me

When these pages you are turning

And these lines you chance to see

Truly your friend



Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 26. (Click to enlarge.)


Warwick Kans Aug 15 ’89

Now I lay my pen at rest;

But not the heart within my breast.

Yours in Friendship,

Malissa A Lowther


Dear Teacher Clara

When in some future time

Time these lines you chance to see

Think kindly of the writer who

Will always think of thee

Miss Laura M Noe – Concordia

Cloud Co Kan


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 27. (Click to enlarge.)


Dec 15th 1890

Dear Friend

I would not blot this page, but I would like to make a spot large enough to hold you to the remembrance of a friend.

Your true friend and cousin

Ira E. Plumly


October the 26 1885

O May you my friend be blest with friends selected from the best May Joy and peace be your lot I only ask forget me not.

Mary J. Shrader


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 28. (Click to enlarge.)

Vertical, Left:

Friend Clara:

May the hinges of our friendship never rest.


Horizontal, Right:

Wolf Creek, Kans

June 2, 1886

To Clara,

“Dear friend, O, never from my heart

Shall time thine image blot

Though dreams of other days depart

Thou shalt not be forgot.”

Matie B.


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 29. (Click to enlarge.)

March 27 1884

To Clara

Tis the bold who win the race

Whether for love or gold or name

Tis the true ones always face

Dangers and trials and win a place

A niche in The Temple of fame

Truly Your Friend

Angie Snell

To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 30. (Click to enlarge.)


Dear Clara

Should a cloud ever shadow your way

And find your idols but gilded day

Remember the shadow was given

Lest the sunshine of earth dim the brightness of heaven

Sincerely Yours



Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 31. (Click to enlarge.)

Vertical, Left:

Remember the ____


Horizontal, Right:

August the 17 1885

Clara is your name

Single is your status

Happy be the little man

That makes the alteration

Yours truly,

Lida D___le


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 32. (Click to enlarge.)

Concordia Mar 28, 1884

Remember me is all I ask,

But if rememberance be a task, forget me.

Your friend

Mrs. A. A. Chritton


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 33. (Click to enlarge.)

Left, Horizontal:

Friend Clara

A long life, and a happy one,

A tall man, and a jolly one

Like – well – you know who!

Laura M.

Feed taffy when ever you can, but always on the last day of school.

Center, Vertical:




Concordia Sept 1884

Miss Shrader:

Tis useless to languish on sorrow

And grieve for the Joys that are past

There plenty in store for the morrow

As pleasing & bright as the past.

Yours respectfully

Ella Johnston


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 34. (Click to enlarge.)

Miss Clara.

i think of you often

i think of you ever

i think of the happy hours

we have spent together

i remain as ever. D___a

To Clara.


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 35. (Click to enlarge.)

Let us then be up and doing

With a heart for everything.

Still achieving, still pursuing

Learn to labor and to wait. (Longfellow)

Your friend,

Clara E. Healy

Concordia July 21, 1884


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 36. (Click to enlarge.)


Concordia Kansas 19th 1908

On this leaf in memory prest

May my name forever rest.

Max Roberts


As you measure to your neighbor

He will measure back to you.

Truly yours
T. A. Sawhill.

July 22 1884


Notes, Sources, and References: 

  1. Again, a special thank you to John Roberts for sharing this sweet book!


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