Tuesday’s Tip: Posting Clara Shrader’s Autograph Album

Clara Shrader Autograph Book, scan 2. (Click to enlarge.)

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Tuesday’s Tip: Analyze a process for preserving artifacts and information, then automate repetitive tasks when possible, and group repetitive tasks to increase accuracy and speed.

Clara Shrader’s autograph album has 51 scans plus a word document with transcription. Since the scans were in one pdf, they needed to be converted to an image format, and sized down so that it doesn’t take forever for your blog pages to load. Unfortunately I don’t know how to write a script to automate this process, but that is on my list for one day. In the meantime, in my analysis of how to post these sweet pages, I decided on this process:

  1. Use a screen capture for each image. I opened the pdf, sized my window to show just one image at a time, so I did not get confused about where I was in the process.
  2. On a Mac Command-Shift-4 allowed me to clip just the section I wanted with the double spread of pages. This also converted the image to a png, perfect for using with WordPress for the blog. These images show up on my desktop- you can change the folder, I believe, but that works for me.
  3. I gave the first file a descriptive file name and included the number of the scan:
    Clara Shrader Autograph Book_1_sm.png. I cut and pasted the name, changing the number as appropriate as I clipped each image. I also made sure that the numbers matched the chart with the transcriptions.
  4. The ‘sm’ in the file name is for small, as I knew I would need to reduce the file size. After my desktop was full of images, I clicked each and opened in Preview, then used ‘Tools’ to reduce the size. Make sure to save the file after any such changes!
  5. After all the images on my desktop were reduced, I highlighted them all and pulled into a file folder for Clara’s album that I created right on my desktop. Now the desktop was clean again, and ready for another batch of these images.
  6. Use cut-and-paste for titles, captions, etc. whenever you can. You can always go back and add detail, but it is important to label as you go. I pulled all the images into WordPress, and captioned them each as I went, using cut and paste but changing the number of the image. Now they are all ready for blog posts and writing, or you can keep them in a folder for maybe a report or book- the enjoyable part after the tedious but necessary work and documentation.

OK, now on to the good part: Clara’s sweet album pages for today:

Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 11. (Click to enlarge.)

March {illegible} 1884

Dear Friend

When in some future time,

These lines you chance to see;

Think kindly of the writer,

Who Will always think of thee.

Samuel Bonebrake


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 12. (Click to enlarge.)

March 21, 1884

Dear friend Clara,

Remember me when this you see

Though many a mile apart we be.

Yours truly,

L. S. Reeves


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 13. (Click to enlarge.)

March 25th 1884

Dear teacher Clara.

Other hearts may love you,

Others Worship at your shrine

But no other heart will love you

With a love so pure as mine.

Miss Laura Noe

Concordia Cloud Kan


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 14. (Click to enlarge.)

March The 21 1884

The roses are red and the lilies are blue: honey is sweet

and so are you.

Andrew Noe

Jam town Cloud Co Kns


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 15. (Click to enlarge.)

March 21st 1884

Concordia, Cloud County Kansas

To my Clara

I’d twine a wreath my friend for you

A wreath of flowers rare:

Would you accept the simple gift

And ever hold it dear?

ever your friend

Bessie Davis


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 16. (Click to enlarge.)

March 21 1884

To Clara dear

On this broad world of action, friends of worth are far and few;

But when one has proved his friendship, cling to him who clings to you.

your friend Bessie


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 17. (Click to enlarge.)


Miss Clara

April the 20th

If you fall from grace,

You’ll be a reck:

If you fall from a ship,

You’ll break your neck;

You may fall from the realm of Heaven above,

But never never fall in love.

Mrs. N. J. Maddox


April the 25 1884

Dear Teacher:

Remember the writing

Of my hand when I am

In a distant land

And if the grave should

Be my lot Remember me

When I am not.

Ever yours,

Etta ___iley


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 18. (Click to enlarge.)

Concordia Mar 3rd 1886


I care not much for gold as _____,

Give me a _____ here and there,

Some good _____ stock – some note of hand,

Or _____ _____ _____

I only ask that _____ send

A little more than I can spend.

Your cousin, F. L. Bennett

Remember my favorite song and don’t you forget it

Salem {illegible}


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 19. (Click to enlarge.)

Concordia Kan. March 27 1884

Lines to my dear friend Clara

Much must be born which it is hard to bear

Much given away which it were sweet to keep

God help us all who need indeed His care

And yet I know the Shepherd loves His sheep.

Truly Your Friend

Carrie Snell

Command me always as a friend.


Clara Shrader Autograph Book, Scan 20. (Click to enlarge.)

April the 6 1884


May your life though short be pleasant

As a warm and _____ ray

as a flower that bloomes at morning

And at evening dies away.

F. M. S.



Notes, Sources, and References: 

  1. Thank you to John Roberts for his labors in scanning and transcribing this sweet autograph book to make it accessible to future generations. If you would like to contact Jon, please use our form through the blog and we will pass it on!


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