Friday’s Faces from the Past: The Frances “Fannie” Isabella (Brown) Chapman Photo Collection

mrs. grimes manchester, N.H.
Mrs. Grimes, Manchester, New Hampshire

Beerbower Family (Click for Family Tree)

This post contains more photos from the Frances “Fannie” Isabella (Brown) Chapman Collection. What is known about each person is noted in the caption or paragraph below, excerpted from the owner’s notes to me.

These family treasures are looking for their rightful owners- please see previous posts as well for more information about these images. Contact us if you are interested in these photos!

Chamberlain Family
F. R. Chamberlain Family
Mrs. Chamberlain #3
Mrs. F. R. Chamberlain #3

Mrs. F. R. Chamberlain.  She was a friend of Emma Jane Randall Hollowell and they corresponded regularly.  I have three individual photos of her the youngest it appears taken in St. Augustine, Fla, no studio on the next youngest, Denver (where if I remember correctly most of her letters came from) the older picture and the family picture.

Mertie Weatherstone #2
Mertie Weatherstone #2
Mertie Featherstone #1
Mertie Weatherstone #1

Mertie Weatherstone was born about September, 1879 in Michigan. She married James Allan Taylor late in life, no children I think and I believe I offered these photos, I have two copies of one and the second just one.

Eda N. Peterson
Eda N. Peterson
John S. Peterson
John S. Peterson

Eda N. Peterson and husband John S. Peterson.  She was born in June 1873, in Sweden and married circa 1898. John S. Peterson was born April 1869, also in Sweden.  According to census Eda immigrated in 1893 and John in 1887.  In 1900 they were in Clear Creek, Colorado where he worked gold mines.  Reverse of Eda’s photo states “Rising & Barnhart, Loveland, Colorado.”  Back of John’s is “Artistic Photographer, G. (something like 2.v. maybe Q.v.) Stippler, Longmont, Colorado (maybe Stiffler instead of Stippler).

Eleanor Swanson Benson
Eleanor Swanson Benson

Eleanor Swanson Benson was identified on the album sleeve but have not been able to find anything about her; nothing on back or front to tell what studio.

Mrs. Gifford
Mrs. Gifford?
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Gifford
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Gifford

Identified on the back as Mr. and Mrs. A. H Gifford, friends of Emma Jane Randall. They married late and she was older than him.  I think, but am not sure the single is a photo of her in younger days, but nothing is written on the back.

Clara and Edith Gillette
Clara and Edith Gillette
Arthur Gillette
Arthur Gillette

The names and studios are the only thing I know about these Gillettes.  I don’t know if they graduated with Verna or Charlottte, though I think with Charlotte because they were in her album, but she and Verna were of similar age so they knew the same people.  Nothing is on the back of Arthur’s photo, but his name written on the front in pencil.  The names of the girls are written on the back.

(Frances Isabella Brown was born in 1845 in Michigan, the third child of nine born to Lemuel Brown and Catherine Lyman. Fannie trained as a teacher and moved about 1871 to Valmont, Colorado. In 1872 she married Volney Chapman (1823 – 1907). He was one of the original ’49ers but had moved back to his family in Michigan about 1860 only to remove to Colorado after 1870. He and Fannie built a house in Loveland, Colorado which is still standing. They had three children; Lloyd, born 1876, Verna born 1877, and Charlotte born 1879.)



Notes, Sources, and References: 

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