Mystery Monday: The Frances “Fannie” Isabella (Brown) Chapman Photo Collection

Seven young men, friends of Fannie Belle (Brown) Chapman?
Seven young men, friends of Fannie Belle (Brown) Chapman? (Click to enlarge.)

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This blog has been wonderful “cousin bait.” We have found some new cousins and learned some new family stories. We have also had some folks find us that have family artifacts that they have shared. Sometimes, they have not actually been family,  or they were not very closely related so wished to pass on the item itself, and we were pleased to accept.

We have also found some ‘sadly-not-cousins’- people who contact us, thinking they may be related, but they are sadly not. Today’s post is an example- a person googling A. Beerbower found our posts about the family, so contacted us. I did not think that the image she sent was one of our family, but upon doing more research, well, it appears the image she sent is very likely one of our Beerbower family members. (A. Beerbower will be featured in an upcoming post.)

The pictures belonged to Frances “Fannie” Isabella (Brown) Chapman who was born in 1845 in Michigan, the third child of nine born to Lemuel Brown and Catherine Lyman. Fannie trained as a teacher and moved about 1871 to Valmont, Colorado. In 1872 she married Volney Chapman (1823 – 1907). He was one of the original ’49ers but had moved back to his family in Michigan about 1860, only to remove to Colorado after 1870. He and Fannie built a house in Loveland, Colorado which is still standing. They had three children: Lloyd, b. 1876, Verna b. 1877, and Charlotte b. 1879. Fannie sadly died when she was just 41. Her sister Ida also taught but in Kansas, married and also died young.

One of Ida’s descendants said they had some pictures of friends also and he wanted to donate them to a library or archives in Michigan; our correspondent said she will do the same with the pictures no one claims as family.  “Most of the pictures are from Iowa, Michigan and one from Indiana.  The ones I had been able to locate were mostly born in the mid to early 1840’s.  I hate seeing the ones I have found ended up in a dusty basket at an antique store so I have been on a search for family.”

Do let us know if you are related to any of the folks in this post or those upcoming about Fannie’s photo collection.

The above image is labeled 1- Russell, 2- Green, 3-[unreadable- Cook?], 4- Green, 5-nothing written. It was pasted down, no photographer information available.

More to come from Fannie’s collection.

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