Beerbower Family Bible- Misc-2

Beerbower Bible- Misc. 2
Beerbower Bible- Misc. 2

Gridded notepaper in with New Testament Front sheet:

Charlie Springsteen
Died June 11
St. Joe Mo-

[Brother of Anna Missouri Springsteen Beerbower.]


Kate died Nov 2nd
St. Joe Mo

[Katherine O’Neil, b. 1857, wife of Charlie Springsteen, Anna May Springsteen Beerbower’s brother.]


Robert E. Springsteen
Died Mch 4th
Monday-     1931

[Brother of Anna Missouri Springsteen Beerbower; died 4 March 1931.]


Title Page with Notes
Title Page with Notes

Inside the front cover, it appears that there are notes and calculations for a sewing project.


Notes, Sources, and References: 

1) Beerbower family bible.

2) Springsteen and Beerbower Family Group Records compiled over many years using bibles, census, and other data.


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