Amanuensis Monday: The Bible Record of Hannah Ford Benjamin- Part 4

Hannah (Ford) Benjamin- Bible Record Transcription
Hannah (Ford) Benjamin- Bible Record Transcription

Some of this post is repetitious, but it is important to make sure that it is clear as to which Jonathan, etc.

Please see previous posts in this series for greater detail.


From analyzing the bible records, it seems that the bible originally belonged to Hannah E. Ford, who recorded births, marriages, and deaths of her parents, siblings, and grandparents long after the events; she was not present at many of them. The bible may have then been passed on to her daughter Arestine Pricilla Benjamin. Arestine’s daughter Orletta M. Hatch probably inherited the bible from her mother, and that is who had the bible when this record was transcribed and published.


Jonathan Benjamin (1738/9-1841) married Margaret Brown (1742-1837) on 3-10-1760.

Mary Benjamin (1777-1863) married Phineas [Rowlandson] Ford (1772-1839) on 4-5-1797.



Arestine [Pricilla] Benjamin [died] 12-3-1914 [in Newton, Jasper, Iowa. [Daughter of Jonathan N. Benjamin and Hannah E. Ford. She married James Polk Hatch, and their daughter, Orletta, had the bible in her possession when the history was written in 1943.]

Cynthia A. Benjamin [died] ?-20-1829 [month is July. Daughter of Jonathan N. Benjamin and Hannah E. Ford. Has old headstone with name as Syntha, newer stone with Cynthia. She was only 16 months old when she died.]

Jonathan Benjamin [died] 8-26-1841 [Revolutionary War soldier, married Margaret Brown. Died in Licking Co., Ohio.]

Jonathan Benjamin [died] 9-3-1876 [Jonathan N. Benjamin. Son of David Benjamin and Elizabeth__ -maiden name unknown. Married Hannah E. Ford, whose bible records this information.]

Mary Benjamin [died] 10-15-1863 [Daughter of Jonathan Benjamin (1738-1841) and Margaret Brown. Married Phineas Rowlandson Ford and was the mother of Hannah E. Ford, the owner of the bible.]

Margaret Brown [died] 1-12-1836 [Wife of Jonathan Benjamin, maternal grandmother of Hannah E. Ford, bible owner.]


Hannah [E.] Ford [died] 1-15-1891 [Bible’s original owner. Married Jonathan N. Benjamin.]

Phineas [Rowlandson] Ford [died] 4-7-1839 [Husband of Mary Benjamin and father of Hannah E. Ford, bible owner.]

Charles [E.] Hatch [died] 3-23-1937 [Child of Arestine Pricilla Benjamin and James P. Hatch.]

James P. Hatch [died] 11-8-1932 [Son of Alvah Hatch (1817-1884) and Eleanor Eliza McCumsey (1820-1893). Husband of Arestine Pricilla Benjamin and father of Orletta Hatch who owned bible in 1943.]


Notes, Sources, and References:

1) “Notes on the Life and Family of JONATHAN BENJAMIN, 1738-1841,

Frontiersman and Revolutionary War Veteran” edited by Robert Benjamin Kilduff, Chicago, Illinois, 1943.


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