New Year’s Resolution 2014- FSLOW

Searching for something...
1955- Searching for something…


Find it.
Scan it.
Label it.
Organize it.
Write about it.



That’s my New Year’s Resolution.

We won’t talk about all the things the acronym could mean.

‘Nuff said. Off to FSLOW.


Challenge, anyone???

[Edited to add: Oops! If you already received this post in your email as a subscriber, I apologize for the repeat. I was trying to schedule it for January 1, 2014- when I entered the date to publish, I forgot about changing that last digit for the New Year. So it published itself on Jan. 1, 2013, thus appearing in your mailbox today. Oh well, my first New Year since starting the blog- hopefully I’ll remember next year to change to 201..- oh, I just can’t bear to think about how quickly that number will appear on our calendars.]


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