Amanuensis Monday: 1904 World’s Fair Visit- W. H. Spiggle Letter to Abraham and Rose Green

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November 28, 1904 Letter to Abraham and Bessie Green from W. H., Fannie, and Willie P. Spiggle, page 1 of 2.
November 28, 1904 Letter to Abraham and Bessie Green from W. H., Fannie, and Willie P. Spiggle, page 1 of 2. (Click to enlarge.)

Green Family, Broida Family (Click for Family Tree)

There were probably many thank you notes such as this one written in 1904- many families journeyed to St. Louis, Missouri, to stay with family and friends so they could visit the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. This letter, from W. H. Spiggle, Fannie Spiggle, and Willie P. Spiggle of Meadow Mills, Virginia, to the Abraham Green family, gives us a glimpse into the personalities of the Green family children.

November 28, 1904 Letter to Abraham and Bessie Green from W. H., Fannie, and Willie P. Spiggle, page 2 of 2.
November 28, 1904 Letter to Abraham and Bessie Green from W. H., Fannie, and Willie P. Spiggle, page 2 of 2. (Click to enlarge.)

Miss Annie Green was 19, Miss Bessie Green 12, Miss Mary Green 8, and Master Herman Green, the Spiggle’s World’s Fair Guide, just 10, in 1904. Abraham Green and his wife, Rose Brave Green were both 38.

We have been unable to learn much about the Spiggle family, and how they were friends of the Greens, but have only done some cursory searches.

Transcription (spacing has been added for clarity):

Meadow Mills Va

Novbr 28th -04


Dear Mr and Mrs Green-


hasten this A.M. to inform

you, we are all well.

Have been extremely busy

since our return from

St. Louis. Often do we speak

about the pleasant time

we had with you in your

Comfortable home 1902 Semple ave.


Never shall we forget you and

family. Shall ever remember


Miss Annie for the Sweet Music

She favored us with.


Miss Bessie for her kind disposition

and willingness to assist her

Mother and others.


Miss Mary So entertaining for

one of her age.


Master Herman. Shall never

forget him, He was our

Worlds Fair Guide.


And you Mr and Mrs Green

you was so kind to us

made us feel [pleasure?]

and at home with you.

May Health, Prosperity,

and Heaven’s richest Blessing

be yours.

All of us join together in Sending much love

and best wishes to you

and family.


Yours sincerely

W H. Spiggle

Fannie Spiggle

Willie P. Spiggle


Notes, Sources, and References: 

1) Family Treasure Chest.

2) Transcription by post author.



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Five Family Photos for Friday- The Children of Abraham Green and Rose Brave

Herman (left) and Mary Green, c. 1896.
Herman (left) and Mary Green, c. 1896.

I didn’t mention the three Green children that were born in America in my post Wedding Wednesday- Abraham Green and Rose Braef or Rose Brave.

Daughter Ann had been born in Lithuania/Poland/Russia in 1885 in Grincasek, Kovnau, Russia, per family oral history. She was about 1 year old when she made the sea voyage to America with her mother who was expecting Estelle. Estelle was born on board ship in 1887.

Bess Dorothy Green was born 24 Jan 1891 in Pittsburgh, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, USA. The only son of Abraham and Rose, Herman, was born 1 Sep 1894, also in Pittsburgh. Their baby, Mary Cecelia Green, was born 17 Nov 1895, after they moved to  St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Rose Green and Family
Rose Green and Family, c1919 probably.

From left, standing in back: Bess (Catlin) Green, wife of Herman Green; Estelle (Green) Ledwidge; Herman Green; Ann (Green) [Stampfer] White; Bess Dorothy (Green)Broida; Rose (Brave) Green.

From left, standing in front: [I believe the names of these sisters are reversed on the back of the photo ID] Sarah “Jane” Ledwidge; Helen D. “Sis” Ledwidge;  Gertrude Broida; Esther Stampfer; and Preston Green, son of Herman Green and Bess Catlin.

Reverse of "Rose Green and Family," c1919 probably.
Reverse of “Rose Green and Family.”
The Green Grandchildren
The Green Grandchildren, possibly c1924.

From left: Gertrude Broida; Preston Green; Helen D. “Sis” Ledwidge behind; in front of her, the toddler Harold Green, son of Herman and Bess (Catlin) Green; Sarah “Jane” Ledwidge; and Esther Stampfer.

Rev of "The Green Grandchildren"
Rev of “The Green Grandchildren”


The Green Family, possibly c1924.
The Green Family, possibly c1924.

From left: Esther Stampfer; Charlie P. White, second husband of Ann Green who may be next to him but not visible; Rose (Brave) Green holding her grandson Harold Green; in back, Bess (Catlin) Green; boy in front is Preston Green; behind Preston is Sarah “Jane” Ledwidge; behind Jane may be Mary C. Green, daughter of Rose and Abraham; Estelle “Stelle” (Green) Ledwidge with her hand on her daughter Helen D. “Sis” Ledwidge; Bess Dorothy (Green) Broida behind with her hands on her daughter Gertrude Broida; Herman L. Green.

Reverse of "The Green Family, possibly c1924."
Reverse of “The Green Family, possibly c1924.”


Papa Green and Family
Papa Green and Family

From left, standing: Phillip Edwin Broida and his wife, Bess Dorothy (Green) Broida; Rose (Brave) Green and her husband Abraham Green.

From left, sitting: Mary (written on photo and may be Mary C. Green, or Sarah “Jane” Ledwidge?); Helen D. “Sis” Ledwidge, both daughters of Estelle Green and Charles P. Ledwidge; Gertrude Broida, daughter of Phillip and Bessie; and Esther Stampfer, daughter of Ann Green and her first husband Samuel Stampfer.

Reverse of "Papa Green and Family."
Reverse of “Papa Green and Family.”

Please let us know if we have gotten any of these identifications wrong. You may click on any image to enlarge it.


Notes, Sources, and References:

1) Family oral and written history.

2) Green Family Photo Album which has some individuals identified.

Please contact us if you would like higher resolution images.

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