Silly Sunday- Broida Family in Swimsuits c1910?

John & Fannie Broida at the Beach, probably after 1904.
John & Fannie Broida at the Beach, probably after 1904. (Click to enlarge.)


Our last post with silly swimsuits was such a hit ( See Silly Sunday- Joseph Cooper Family in Swimsuits c1912)  that we thought we would share yet another high-fashion image to whet your appetite for the coming swimsuit season. At least with these swimsuits, one didn’t have to diet quite as much before the season started!

This image is of John Zelig Broida (1857-1938) and his second wife, Fannie. Her maiden name is unknown, but they married in 1904, when Fannie was 29 and John 47 years old. They lived in Pittsburgh, PA, and St. Louis, Missouri until their emigration to Palestine in September, 1920. John/Zelig died in Palestine, but we still don’t know much about Fannie and what happened to her.

Notes, Sources, and References:

1) Broida family photos

2) Family oral history

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