Sorting Saturday: The Frances “Fannie” Isabella (Brown) Chapman Photo Collection

Mrs. J. E. Neville, Colorado
Mrs. J. E. Neville, Colorado. Talbot Photographer, Loveland, Colorado. On the front Mrs. J. E. Neville (very faint pencil); 1900 census shows them in Buckhorn, Colo. James E. born 1858 Penn., Martha E. born 1865 Michigan.

Beerbower Family (Click for Family Tree)

These are the remaining photos in Fannie Chapman’s photo collection. As the owner was sorting through her grandmother’s trunk, she found many images of persons not related, and would like to see them ‘sorted’ into the albums of those who are actually related to these friends of the family and/or students. A. Beerbower (possibly one of our cousins) was in one of the photos in this collection, so he may have also known some of these folks.

Please see previous posts for more about the collection, and contact us if you have an interest in any items in the collection. The owner is eager to find the right homes for these wonderful photos!

Mrs. W. C. Sanderson Eureka Springs, Ark
Mrs. W. C. Sanderson, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Mrs. W. C. Sanderson, no info.  The studio is embossed- almost impossible to read but I think it is Gray Brothers in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Maggie Richer, New Hampshire
Maggie Richer, New Hampshire

Maggie Richer appears to be the daughter of John C. Richer; he was born in 1844 in New Hampshire.

Eva B. Buchannan Goss
Eva B. (Buchannan) Goss

Eva B. Buchannan was born circa 1874 in Missouri and died 1943. She married William A. Goss who was born 1869 also in Missouri. Her father was John H. Buchannan born 1835 in Iowa, and her mother Mary was born 1844 in Canada.

Minnie Parsons
Minnie Parsons

Alice Parsons Allen
Alice Parsons Allen, Bridge [Photography], Mechanic Falls, Maine
Minnie and Alice were sisters, daughters of Addison B. Parsons.  Minnie was born in 1864 in Maine, and Alice born 1866, Maine.  Alice married Arthur B. Allen.  Written on the back of Alice’s photo: “Mrs. Alice (M.) Parsons Allen died Jan 17, 1898 aged 32 yrs. Mc Falls, Maine.”  Nothing on the back of Minnie’s photo.

Lillias Simpson
Lillias Simpson. Nothing more known about her. Photographer also ‘Talbot, Artist’ in Loveland, Colorado.
Ira Austin
Ira Austin

Ira Austin

Ira Austin was born in 1812 in New York; he was the brother of Clement Austin in Boulder, Colorado.  Ira was listed as a mill planner in the 1880 business pages of Boulder. Written on the back “Ira Austin Boulder, Colorado” – probably a friend of Volney Chapman, father of Verna and Charlotte Chapman.

George Bell Family
George Bell Family

George T. Bell born 1862, Illinois; Minnie (MNU) Bell, born 1866, Nebraska; Maura Bell born 1891, Colorado; Winnie Bell born 1886 in Colorado.  (Data from 1900 census.)

Susie Talbot Knapp and Carrie McDermott
Susie Talbot Knapp and Carrie McDermott

Susie’s picture may interest someone.  She was the sister of Talbot, the Artist/Photographer. Susie Talbot Knapp is identified on the album page.  She looks good for her age born in 1866 I believe.  Carrie McDermott died in 1898 I think if my memory is serving me rightly so the picture had to be taken before then. She was also born ten years or so later than Susie.


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