Mystery Monday: Allegheny PA Broidas?

Unknown Broidas? in Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Unknown persons, possibly Broidas? in Allegheny, Pennsylvania

➡ Broida Family

Cousin Mitch, a descendant of Max (Karklinsky) Broida (1891-1910), son of Jacob Zev (Karklinsky) Broida (1857-1932, born in Eišiškes, Lithuania), sent this image. It was in his mother’s photo album with a note that she did not know who the people were. The photography studio is a clue: Stewart, in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. Mitch assumes that the men may be Broidas, because the other side of his mother’s family was not from Pennsylvania.

Brady Wilson Stewart opened a photography studio in Pittsburgh in 1912, and it was continued by subsequent generations in various locations until 1981. That just seemed too late for the image.

So I reached out for collaboration with other genealogists. One of the best groups on the web is the Rootsweb Allegheny County Pennsylvania list. I sent a note to them and within 30 minutes had a number of replies, suggesting good resources many of them have compiled, and one kind researcher even went through city directories for me! She found that J. A. Stewart was listed as having a photography studio at 60 Federal, Allegheny [City] in 1893. That gives us a time period. Stewart & Co. was also listed at 90/92 Federal in the 1889-1890-1891 directories per her research, but I have been challenged to find those entries.

If you know who these men are, or more definitely the time period this may have been taken, please let us know.


Notes, Sources, and References: 

1) Photo in collection of family.

2) Carnegie Library entry on Brady W. Stewart (1882-1965): Their source was “A Photographer’s Photographer” by Rich Gigler in The Pittsburgh Press, Sunday Roto Magazine, March 21, 1982.

3) Historic Pittsburgh-

J.F. Diffenbacher’s directory of Pittsburgh and Allegheny cities, 1892/1893
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J.F. Diffenbacher’s Pittsburg and Allegheny Business Directory, 1893.


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