Wednesday’s Child: The ‘Missing’ Children of John and Sarah Gitel Broida



1900 US Federal Census excerpt for John Broida and family, Denver, CO
1900 US Federal Census excerpt for John Broida and family, Denver, CO. (Click to enlarge.)

Broida Family

A previous post, entitled Samuel Broida- An Unknown Son of John Zelig Broida and Gitel Frank? posed the question of the parents of a young Samuel who is buried in the family plot. At the time of writing that post, I did not go to each of the US Federal Censuses, but should have at least looked at the 1900 census for the family. In that census, Gitel was still alive (she died in 1901) but the census asks “Mother of how many children?” and then “Number of these children living?” While looking for some other information this past week on that census, I noticed that Gitel’s entry states that she was the mother of ten children, with only seven still living. This helps to explain some of the gaps in childbearing.

The 1900 census states that John and Gitel had been married 19 years, so that would put their marriage in 1881. Son Joseph Broida was then born in 1882, Louis Broida in 1884, and Max Broida in 1886. Phillip E. Broida was born in 1887, and Samuel Broida, who likely was their child, in 1889. There was then a gap before Theodore “Dave” Broida’s birth in 1893, and another gap before Morris Broida was born in 1896. Their last son, Harold, was born in 1897, when Gitel was 38 years old. Thus there may have been children born about 1891 and 1894-5, but they didn’t survive. We will need to search for burial information in Beth Hamedrash Hagodol-Beth Jacob Cemetery, McKees Rocks (Allegheny County), Pennsylvania for these dear little ones.


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2 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Child: The ‘Missing’ Children of John and Sarah Gitel Broida”

  1. One child I can confirm is Ethel Broida, born Dec 1892.
    I have created a record for her because her brother Joseph’s obit mentions her and a Philadelphia obit record names an Ethel Pincus as having a maiden name of Broida.
    I found substantial info on her at

    1. Ethel was going to be a “Mystery Monday,” but right before I posted, Uncle Jim sent a Broida letter that explains she is not biologically a daughter, but John and family considered her a daughter. How Ethel fit drove me crazy for years but I did not have access to MyHeritage until recently- I knew there was information there about her. I will gather the letter and other info into a post, hopefully for tomorrow, and you can add what you know. Thanks for mentioning Ethel Broida Pincus.

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