A Bit of Blog Housekeeping Again…

"We Help Mommy" c 1956
“We Help Mommy” c 1956


Remember that Little Golden Book? We Help Mommy was one of my/our favorites, as it was for most of the little girls of the 1950s.

My time for cleaning house and writing more blog posts, researching, or even just wasting my time has been lost to blog spammers, especially recently. My email inbox is clogged with spam day after day, and every time I check it there are at least a few more- one time, 30!!! Yes, it is not big, heavy, hard work to click a bunch of keys to mark a comment as spam, but they have worn me down for now. So comments will be closed, not just moderated, for a while anyway. I do encourage you to please use the “Contact Us” form if you like blog posts, have questions, can add something to a post or correct it, or are related and we don’t know it.

Thanks for your understanding.


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