Harold Broida and Leah (Schreiber) Broida- A Correction

Harold Broida as a young man.
Harold Broida as a young man.

Please visit my previous post about Harold Broida and his wife Leah (Schreiber) Broida to see corrected information.


The 1910 US Federal Census used as a source was incorrect in stating that Harold and Morris were nephews of Jacob Broida, the head of household. The old hand-drawn Broida Family Tree and two good chats with a family member with encyclopedic knowledge of this family helped to correct this information- thanks, AG!

It sure would have been nice if the census had been more accurate (but we’re still grateful to have it). Terms like ‘nephew,’ ‘niece,’ ‘cousin,’ and even ‘daughter’ and ‘son’ are not always the relationship we expect when we are reviewing old documents, even those of the last 50 years. They are not always blood relationships, either. Using multiple resources and searching for a ‘preponderance of evidence’ will always help to make our genealogical research more accurate.

And as another family member said, it would have also been nice if this family had used more than about seven names for all their sons…


Collaboration- and a blog- really work in family history research!


Notes, Sources, and References:

1) Family oral history.

2) Broida Family Tree drawn in the 1950s.


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