Mystery Monday- Do You Know This Woman?

Unknown Woman- Photo in with Broida and Green Family Pictures
Unknown Woman- Broida or Green Family?


Here is another of those mystery pictures…

It was found in with photos of the Philip Broida and Bess Dorothy Green families.

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Notes, Sources, and References:

1) Broida-Green family papers and photographs. Grandmother, parents did not know who she was.


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Thankful for Family

John Broida Family at Frank & Seder Picnic
John Broida Family at Frank & Seder Picnic

Thanksgiving was not a holiday when our ancestors took photos- at least, not until small personal cameras were readily available and film and developing it inexpensive. So despite having a large family photo collection, I have no Thanksgiving photos from days long past. This photo, originally thought to be a family reunion, is like a Thanksgiving get-together: lots of loved ones, lots of food, lots of fun, lots of laughter.  Stories are exchanged, children run and play with cousins, and all feel the same fullness of belly and soul after a big day together. Family reunions, like holiday get-togethers, help us to know our place within the family tree, and within time and place.


Notes, Sources, and References:

1) Frank & Seder picnic in the Frank’s yard. Frank & Seder was a clothing store in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, plus they had branches in other cities. Many Broidas worked at the Pittsburgh store, and Mr. Seder was a cousin, so their get-togethers had some hints of a family reunion. The man standing in the back in the suit, looking at the camera is John Broida. His oldest son Joseph Broida is on his right, with Joseph’s elbow resting on his brother Philip Broida’s shoulder. The second woman to John’s left, in the dark dress, is Bess Dorothy (Green) Broida (Philip’s wife). Fanny Broida is on Bessie’s left- we think she is John’s second wife, but there are a lot of women named Fanny in the family. The time period may have been the late 1920s or early 1930s.

2) Frank & Seder store information, plus photographs: Seder Family Photographs, c. 1900-1940, PSS#31, Rauh Jewish Archives, Library and Archives Division, Senator John Heinz History Center. Accessed 11-27-2013.

3) Family oral and written history notes.


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Art in Artifacts- The Friendship Handkerchief of Bess Dorothy Green Broida


1909_GREEN_Bess Dorothy_Friendship Handkerchief-1

Bess Dorothy Green (1891-1978) owned this beautiful Friendship Handkerchief. The date on it is July 1909, and it contains the signatures of many friends and family members, all hand embroidered. The different colors, but especially the styles of the stitching, suggest that more than one person did the embroidery- maybe each person stitched their own name after signing the handkerchief, or just a few persons did the stitching as a gift for Bessie.

Bessie was just 19 when she married Phillip E. Broida on 08 Mar 1910, so this may possibly have been a gift for an engagement party, wedding shower, etc. if they had a long engagement. Sweetly, his initials, “P B” were inserted just above her name and under the month.

Below are images of sections of the handkerchief and a list of the names embroidered.

Bessie’s Friendship Handkerchief- 1 (pictured above post)
1909 July – Bess Dorothy Green, Stella Palfrey, Eloise Toomlis, Mrs. J. N. Massey, Mrs. M. Cohn, Margarett Unswer, Mrs. Morris Rosenbloom, Leonie Dolan, Pho Arii – Beatrice Crow?, Bessie Keller, Hazel P. Jones, Laura Keller, Helena Crow?


1909_GREEN_Bess Dorothy_Friendship Handkerchief-2

Bessie’s Friendship Handkerchief- 2
Ethel N. Leake, Rose Razawe?, Emma Grindhaven?, Stella Palfrey, Mrs. M. Cohn Margarett Uaawer? Mrs. J. N. Massey


1909_GREEN_Bess Dorothy_Friendship Handkerchief-3

Bessie’s Friendship Handkerchief- 3
Mary Schall, Becky Caplin, Charlene B. McClure, Anna Green Stampfer, Charlene B. McClure, Mary Schall, Nancy Yather


1909_GREEN_Bess Dorothy_Friendship Handkerchief-4

Bessie’s Friendship Handkerchief- 4
Stellla Palfrey, Eloise Toomlis, Charlene B. McClure, Becky Caplin, Eloise Toomlis, Margarett Us, Helena Crow, Grinhaven, N. Lenke, Ragawe


1909_GREEN_Bess Dorothy_Friendship Handkerchief-5

Bessie’s Friendship Handkerchief- 5
Edna A. Stelle, Willie C. McClure, Nellie M. Quinn, G. Newmark, Sara Ellen White, Esther G. Golomb, Adele Brown, Lena Goldberg, Tameranos


1909_GREEN_Bess Dorothy_Friendship Handkerchief-6

Bessie’s Friendship Handkerchief- 6
Mary White, Pauline B. Stamerson, Marion G. Newmark, Bessie Keller, Ellen White, Edna A. Stelle, Elma L. St Clair


Marion G, Newmark, B. Stamersen, Sara Ellen White

Bessie’s Friendship Handkerchief- 7
Marion G. Newmark, B. Stamersen, Sara Ellen White


Estelle Green Ledwidge, Clara Lee Yatter, Bessie Keller,

Bessie’s Friendship Handkerchief- 8
Estelle Green Ledwidge, Clara Lee Yatter, Bessie Keller


1909_GREEN_Bess Dorothy_Friendship Handkerchief-9

Bessie’s Friendship Handkerchief- 9
Etta J Newmark, Mary Yatter, Etta J. Newmark, Willie C. McClure, Adele Brown, Lena Goldberg


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