Wedding Wednesday: Marriages from the Springsteen Family Bible

This entry is part 4 of 8 in the series The Springsteen Family Bible
Page 3 of Springsteen Bible Family Records- Marriages.
Page 3 of Springsteen Bible Family Records- Marriages.

Helbling Family, Beerbower Family (Click for Family Tree)

We continue our series of the Springsteen Bible family record pages with the happiest of days, when a whole new family begins- wedding days.


[Left Column]

Jefferson Springsteen

Jany 6th 1843. To Miss Anna Conner

by the Rev. Mr. James at his

residence on James St. New York


John W. Springsteen

Dec 187069 To Miss Jennie Taylor

by the Rev. Mr. Mendenhall at

Indianapolis Ind.

[Ed. Note: Son of Jefferson and Anna M. (Conner) Springsteen. Ancestry’s “Indiana, Select Marriages Index, 1748-1993” gives date of 17 Dec 1869 to “Jane” Taylor.]


Abram F. Springsteen

Jany 11th 1872 To-

Miss Laura May. Longfellow.

by the Rev. Mr.

at Huntington Ind

[Ed. Note: Son of Jefferson and Anna M. (Conner) Springsteen. Minister’s name not included in bible.]


Charlie Springsteen To Miss

Katie O’Neil June 26 1884

at Rushville Ind

[Ed. Note: Son of Jefferson and Anna M. (Conner) Springsteen.]


[Right Column]

Mary E. Springsteen.

April 17th 1872

To. Joseph E. Beckwith

by the Rev. Mr. Edson

Indianapolis Ind.

[Ed. Note: Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Jefferson and Anna M. (Conner) Springsteen.]


Anna M. Springsteen.

Feb 12th 1873.

To Edwardgar P. Beerbower.

by the Rev. Mr.Hanford A Edson

Indianapolis Ind

[Ed. Note: Anna Missouri Springsteen, daughter of Jefferson and Anna M. (Conner) Springsteen.]


Robert Springsteen

May 19th 1880. To Anna

Dumont. Indianapolis

Rev. U. C. Brewer Central Christian

Church Ind.

[Ed. Note: Robert E. Springsteen, son of Jefferson and Anna M. (Conner) Springsteen.]


Mary G. Springsteen To

John Mithen Feb. 25. 188(6?)

St. Patrick Church

by the Rev. Father O. Donaghue

[Ed. Note: Relationship unknown. See upcoming “Mystery Monday for more details.]



Notes, Sources, and References: 

  1. Family treasure chest.


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