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 1889c_John and Gittel Broida

John and Gittel (Frank) Broida, c1889.

We are two ‘married-ins’ to a wonderful family and have become the unofficial family historians and genealogists- and totally addicted researchers. We both have been researching our own family lines for a long time as well, so we DO have a lot of names on the list to blog about.

(My sister says we are ‘born-ins’ to some of the folks reading this too, so I should clarify that the two of us working on this blog met because we both¬†married into the same close, loving family- descendants of the above couple- albeit marrying in many years apart. I am glad my sister cares enough to say I’m more than ‘just’ a married-in, though I must say my second family has been a true family to me as well.)

We are both eager to share the wonderful stories of our Heritage Ramblings! We hope that you enjoy them and pass them on to your own descendants.


Notes, Sources, and References:

1) Photo: John and Gittel (Frank) Broida, c1889.


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