Mystery Monday: A Broida from France?

“Honors for Foreign Medical Women” Mlle. Sarah Broida, MD, in The Woman’s Medical Journal, Volume 18, page 209, 1908, via GoogleBooks.

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Who is Mlle. Sarah Broida??

Was she a Karklinski-Broida, who had gone to France to get a job? Was she a Broida from the Lithuanian Rabbi line? It would be very interesting to learn more about her life- she probably had some great stories to tell!

How wonderful that she was a doctor in 1908, when there were not that many female doctors.

The Mixte Steamship Company was based in Marseilles, France, and operated between 1855-1981 under various owners.

Mlle. Broida kept good company, at least in the newspapers- note the next paragraph, mentioning Marie Curie! Women were making in-roads, finally, in the sciences.

The last paragraph about Dr. Dontchakova, helps to give us some context. If Dr. Sarah Broida was a Karklinski-Broida, her roots were in Lithuania, often a part of Russia. Where did she go to medical school? Where was she licensed? Apparently she would not have been able to go to school in any of the Russian settlements. Many women doctors of that time period (and men as well) were Doctors of Osteopathy (D.O.s), which was more accepting of women and those who did not choose the path of a formal medical school.

If you know anything of this Sarah Broida, please do share!


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