Mystery Monday: Leonard Broida Artwork- Part 5

Leonard L/ Broida’s art, date unknown. (Click to enlarge.)

Broida Family (Click for Family Tree)

Leonard L. Broida was a successful architect who trained in the US and studied architecture in Europe; he definitely had artistic talent. For those of a younger generation, all the drawing for buildings was done by hand back then- no CAD software. (!!) A very large piece of paper, pencils, erasers, India ink, and a large, slanted and adjustable drawing table were the tools of an architect’s trade. Sometimes those erasers were electric- imagine having to erase a whole side of the building after the client says it is too small, or they don’t like it that way, or…

Also, an architect would draw renderings by hand- that is, they took the technical drawings such as floorplans and turned them into a beautiful concept drawing of what the building would look like from different vantage points. An architect would sketch in trees and other landscaping, cars, hardscape like sidewalks and parking areas, and maybe even a person walking a dog.

When Leonard and his wife Anita retired to Bird Key in Sarasota, Florida in 1965, Leonard decided he wanted to create fine art instead of technical drawings. So he became an artist, mostly self-taught from books. He worked with a variety of different media including watercolor, oil, ceramic, and copper sculpture.

We are so fortunate to have these family treasures shared with us today!


Notes, Sources, and References: 

  1. Image and information from a Leonard L. Broida descendant.


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