Amanuensis Monday: Births from the Springsteen Family Bible

Page 2 of Springsteen Family Bible- Births. (Click to enlarge.)
Page 2 of Springsteen Family Bible- Births. (Click to enlarge.)

Helbling Family, Springsteen Family (Click for Family Tree)

Transcription and Notes:

Jefferson Springsteen. Born February 14th 1820

at Harrison Ohio

[Ed. Note: Jefferson Springsteen was the son of John Springsteen and Mary Logan.]

Anna Springsteen. Born February 20th 1824

County Mai Ireland

[Ed. Note: Anna (Conner) Springsteen was the wife of Jefferson. We have been unable to find her immigration information, the names of her parents or siblings, etc.- yet.]

John William Springsteen. Born Sat. Nov 26th 1844 Brooklin. N.Y.

[Ed. Note: John William Springsteen was the oldest child of Jefferson Springsteen and Anna Conner.]

Mary Elizabeth Springsteen.    ”  Friday Oct 9th, 1846

Brooklin New York State.

[Ed. Note: Mary Elizabeth Springsteen was the second child of Jefferson Springsteen and Anna Conner.]

Jefferson Springsteen. Wednesday Sept 13th  1848.

[Ed. Note: Jefferson Springsteen was the third child of Jefferson Springsteen and Anna Conner. His full name was Thomas Jefferson Springsteen.]

Abram Springsteen. July 5th 1850

Brooklin New York State.

[Ed. Note: Abram Springsteen was the fourth child of Jefferson Springsteen and Anna Conner. He was considered to be the youngest drummer boy in the Civil War.]

Charles Springsteen. Sunday May 16th 1852

Brooklin New York State.

[Ed. Note: Charles Springsteen was the fifth child of Jefferson Springsteen and Anna Conner.]

Anna Missouri Springsteen. Tues May 16th 1854Indianapolis Ind.

[Ed. Note: Anna Missouri Springsteen was the sixth child of Jefferson Springsteen and Anna Conner. She was likely named after her paternal aunt, Missouri E. (Springsteen) Scotten (1834-1895).]

Robert Springsteen     May 25th 1857                    ”      ”      ”      ”

[Ed. Note: Robert E. Springsteen was the seventh child of Jefferson Springsteen and Anna Conner.]

Joseph Springsteen. July 1st 1860                            ”      ”      ”      ”

[Ed. Note: Joseph Springsteen was the eighth child of Jefferson Springsteen and Anna Conner.]

Laura Grace Alien Springsteen. Mch 20th 73-359 E. Market St.

Indianapolis Ind.

[Ed. Note: Laura Grace Alien Springsteen was the only child of Abram Furman Springsteen and Laura May Longfellow, thus granddaughter to Jefferson and Anna Springsteen.]

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Notes, Sources, and References: 

  1. “Amanuensis” means to transcribe.
  2. Bible page from the family treasure chest.
  3. Transcription by the author.


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