The Family Bible of Samuel T. Beerbower and Irene L. Peters Beerbower- Births

Beerbower-Peters Family Bible- Births.
Beerbower-Peters Family Bible- Births. Courtesy of Marion County Historical Society, Marion, Ohio. (Click to enlarge.)

 Beerbower Family


Samuel T. Beerbower was born November 10th 1842

Irene L. Peters was born February 19th 1846

Cornell B. Beerbower was born June 18th 1870.

Wilson Peters Beerbower was born August 14th 1876.


Fathers Family

Nathan Peters born June 20th 1799 married

first to Alice Wilson feb 2nd 1843

Alice Wilson born

second marriage to Mary C. Russell. Ballantine

Mary C. Russell Ballantine born Sept. 4th 1820


Children of first wife-

Wilson Peters born Nov 27th 1825 married to

Olive Southwick [Editor’s Note: maiden name was Smith; married Corydon Southwick 1st, then Wilson Peters.]

Harvey Peters born March 4th 1828 married to

Martha Boyd. December 29th 1864

Charlotte Peters born Jan 10th 1830 married to

Alonzo Baker March 12th 1850 died Apr 12th 1895

George Peters born June 18th 1832

Pauline Peters   ”     July 7th 1834 married to

Bradford Durfee. April 6th 1858 second marriage Dec 19th 18– [cut off scan]

Jane Peters born Aug 29th 1836. Married to John D. Haney (?)

Infant born- Oct 14th 1838.


Second children

Mary Ellen Peters born Dec 18th 1843 married to William C [cut off in scan]

Irene Lewella Peters  ” Feb 19th 1846- married to-

Samuel T. Beerbower ” Jan 13th 1867.

Alice Lunetta Peters   born Aug 14th 1850- married

James J. Williams

[Editor’s Note: Middle name of Irene L Peters corrected 3/22/15.]

Notes, Sources, and References: 

1) Bible images courtesy of the Marion County Historical Society, Marion, Ohio.

2) Transcription completed by the author. Please advise of any errors known in transcription or to information in bible.


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