Tombstone Tuesday: Lee Monument in Memorial Park Cemetery, Jennings, Missouri

Lee headstone in Memorial Park Cemetery, Jennings, Missouri: Lloyd Eugene "Gene" Lee, his first wife Ruth Nadine (Alexander) Lee, and Gene's uncle, Claude Frank Aiken.
Lee headstone in Memorial Park Cemetery, Jennings, Missouri: Lloyd Eugene “Gene” Lee, Ruth Nadine (Alexander) Lee, and Claude Frank Aiken. (Click to enlarge.)

Lloyd Eugene “Gene” Lee is buried in Memorial Park Cemetery in Jennings, St. Louis County, Missouri, along with his first wife and uncle.

Gene Lee was the son of Samuel J. Lee (1879-1964) and Dorothy Aiken Lee (1884-1953).

His first wife, Ruth Nadine (Alexander) Lee, was the daughter of George Harrington Alexander (1879-1951) and Wilhemina Schoor (1882-1942). Ruth was also the mother of his son, but died at the young age of 47.

Claude Frank Aiken was the uncle of Gene Lee, and brother to Gene’s mother, Dorothy “Dottie” (Aiken) Lee. Claude was a pharmacist and helped Gene get his license as well; they attended school together and tested together for their licensing- see Friday’s Faces from the Past: Claude Aiken. Gene was very close to his uncle throughout their years.

Gene’s dearly loved second wife, Vada Kovitch, was cremated. Sadly, the state of Missouri has allowed a stranger to control her ashes and burial, rather than the family who loved her so much. (They wouldn’t let us see her either- unbelievable.) The last contact with this person indicated that she still had the ashes but not the money to bury them with a headstone; she still refused to give them to family.


Notes, Sources, and References:

1) Tombstone photograph taken by family member and permission to publish granted.


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