Treasure Chest Thursday: Four Generations of the John Roberts Family, 1900

Four generations of the Roberts family: John Roberts (1832-1922), his son William Edward "W.E." Roberts (1858-1935), his grand-daughter Maude Mae Roberts Jensma (1884-1980), and great grandson Edward Jensma (1907-1986)
Four generations of the Roberts family.

This photo shows John Roberts (1832-1922) seated on right and his son William Edward “W.E.” Roberts (1858-1935) seated on left.

John’s grand-daughter and W.E.’s daughter  with Mary Margaret Main, Maude Mae (Roberts) Jensma (1884-1980), is standing in back.

Great grandson Andrew Edward Jensma (1907-1986), the son of Maude and her husband Andrew D. Jensma (1876-1961), is held on his great-grandfather’s knee. Edward was known by his middle name for most of his life.

John Roberts would have been about 76 when this photo was taken, W. E. about 50 years old, and Maude 23-24 when her first son was born.

W. E. was the oldest of the children of John Roberts and his wife Elizabeth Ann Murrell. Jason Lee Roberts (1859-1940), George A. Roberts (1861-1939), Mary Jane Roberts (1863-1947), and Wilbert John Roberts (1877-1878) were their other children.


Notes, Sources, and References:

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