Sunday’s Obituary: This Blog’s Editor


William Morris Quote

Just kidding, thankfully, but it had crossed my mind that I might die of a broken heart because there is just not enough time to research, write, and post about ancestors. Genealogy is so all-consuming for me. My mind is about to explode with all there is to get out to the world from my research, but other things unfortunately must take a higher priority. Life is particularly busy right now, but I have to remember the above quote by my favorite artist, scholar, author, craftsman, anarchist, renaissance man, and … (William Morris was really incredible). I have to remind myself that I am living the future we are making, so it is all part of the journey, and will maybe be a part of the stories that are told about me in the future.

I hope to be back posting some short pieces this week, then on to bigger posts. A family history blog is tough though, because every time I post, I check references to see if I may know more that might prove the previous information false, or there may be another nagging question I need to answer and research to make the post more understandable or complete. Genealogical research is like potato chips- one bit leads to another tidbit, and another and another. And since there are 2 parents for each generation, the possibilities double with each new find! I do have a lot of drafts but they all need some work before publishing. So please bear with me- there will be more blog posts because I so want to share more family history!