Mystery Monday- Murrell Family Bible, Part 3


MURRELL Family Bible- Marriages [click to enlarge]
MURRELL Family Bible- Marriages [click to enlarge]
 There are several mysteries that have to do with this Murrell Family Bible, but one of them has been solved- that is the details about Mary M. Hontz and her family. (More on that in a future post.) We still do not know when this bible was printed or purchased (see Sentimental Sunday- Murrell Family Bible, Part 2). Even more vexing is the origin of Wiley Anderson Murrell and his parents- there are many various thoughts among researchers but no proof (yet).

Here is a transcription of this entry:

Wile Murrell

Was Married to

Mary M Huntz

in the year of

Our Lord March

the 10.     1834


Their first child married in 1857, but it is curious that none of these marriage events have been added to the bible.


Notes, Sources, and References:

1) Murrell Family Bible, possibly c1845.


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